Why Use Bitcoin?

Let’s face it – even though it is more and more popular, Bitcoin is still a new form of currency that hasn’t hit the mainstream media. In other words, many people don’t actually know what Bitcoin is all about and are having questions like ‘why use Bitcoin?’ or ‘why invest in Bitcoin?’.

Below, we are listing the best reasons to use Bitcoin to help you answer your questions. So, you should use Bitcoin because…

It is fast

Sending Bitcoins is as easy as a breeze. Most importantly, the lighting-fast transactions arrive in just a matter of seconds, regardless of the location you are sending the Bitcoins from or to. This is because there are no banks or centralized presences – but only a network that exists on its own.

It is cheap

If you decide to transfer Bitcoins, it will take only a few minutes for the process to be completed. Also, sending Bitcoins is free and comes without restrictions, which means you can send as much as possible.

It is perfect for the new generation

In a digital era as the one nowadays, Bitcoin is the ideal currency that tailors to our needs and the hectic markets. Without any delays or fees, it aims to replace credit cards with online wallets. As something very similar to Apple Pay and Android Pay that have been both established in the mobile industry, Bitcoin goes several steps further and provides a payment option that is lower in fees and very quick and easy to be completed.

It is decentralized

This practically means that you cannot take away other people’s Bitcoins – just like they can’t take yours. There is no central authority in control of Bitcoin, so that banks cannot take money away from you, especially if you have trust issues.

It is not inflationary

Inflation cannot affect the price of Bitcoin. That is because it is a currency that is not printed and therefore not regulated. And while the value of the Euro or the US Dollar can fall, the price of Bitcoin remains the same which means that it is not inflationary.

You own it and no one else

Conventional banks exist for keeping your money. However, using Bitcoin means that it is only you who completely owns the currency – and that you don’t have to trust people if you want to use, transfer or withdraw it. Even if the online wallet company where you store Bitcoin freezes your wallet, no one can take the currency away from you.

Bitcoin is better then regular currencies

Some of the reasons Bitcoin is better than regular currencies:

In the end, Bitcoin is certainly a next step in the way we pay, transfer money and get paid. We believe these facts helped you answer your questions.

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